Sheath Dress. What? Yes!

During the Q&A call at Total Makeover, my student was very surprised. “So you show a sheath dress, but you said that it is outdated and generally looks terrible.”

Here I was surprised. Yes, according to the sign, straight, simple, even tight-fitting – some modern dresses can be called “cases”.

I like their name in the English column dress more. Column dress. Immediately something strict and slender in the head, well, like an antique column. I like the pencil dress variation less, but that’s not the point. (You can also find them on request bodycon dress)

But when you look at the pictures – well, it’s heaven and earth. It has nothing to do with the outfit of the “sexy office kitty” (hello blog oldies who remember this phrase). 😹

Perhaps the whole point is that the modern column dress is something too smart to wear to the office (at least one that claims to be a strict dress code). And so it is devoid of office compromises. Tight sleeves, for example.

But a tight-fitting dress (the same bodycon) can just be devoid of any jewelry at all. And again it does not look like that famous “case”.

LOOK at examples of what not to wear. And their modern counterparts.


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