What Textures Will be in Fashion

Today we will talk about the textures that we will wear in the upcoming season. I must say that the usual autumn-winter textures – wool, jacquard, drape, faux fur, and leather do not go out of fashion. Every year we will see them on the catwalks in variations of new shapes and combinations. 

Firmly entrenched in the status of current textures: faux leather and the same fur – it can be outerwear, bags, and even summer sandals and birkenstocks are made of fur, “space” metallic, almost with a mirror shine, fringe, sequins and glossy vinyl, made of which is now made not only raincoats, but also tops, and trousers with skirts. To them we confidently add the texture of rough denim, sequins, mesh, tweed (very carefully!) And simple “ribbed” knitwear.

So, what options are there on the catwalks and how best to connect them? 

Vinyl: A vinyl trench coat, skirt, or pants can be the centerpiece of your look. They can be combined in contrast with simpler textures – denim, cotton, wool will help to “pacify” the vinyl sheen a little. Or use several glitter options in the image: vinyl, sequins, silk.   

Shining metallized textures in different variations – “crumpled” and reminiscent of foil, with reptile dressing or reminiscent of precious metals with scuffs.

The texture of fur is relevant not only for fur coats and coats, but now we can find fur trim on dresses and shoes. We wear shoes, sandals, birkenstocks with fur in the same way as ordinary shoes. Seasonally, they are great for warm weather from 15 to 22 degrees.

Sequins and nets. 

Mesh is great over a dress, a long shirt and jeans, or a top with suit pants. If you are not ready to sparkle from head to toe, then sequins can be muted with sports-style things. 


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