Orange Goes Out of Style

Imagine that you have come to the dentist for a checkup. The doctor poked around in your mouth a little and says: “This tooth needs to be removed, I’m waiting for you tomorrow” – and leaves without explaining anything.

Question: will you silently obey and come to delete or look for another doctor who will offer alternatives and give clear arguments so that you can decide what is right for you and what is not?

While you think about the answer, I will continue.

The collections of stylists from the Outdated / Basic / Trend series look about the same to me. Yes, they are useful. At a minimum, they save time – you can not bother yourself and in just a couple of minutes find out what is relevant and what is already naphthalene. Then quickly remember (or find a post in the saved files) and buy what the stylist ordered. Everything seems to be great. But!

These posts do more harm than good.

Firstly, such selections are compiled TOO categorically. They leave no room for imagination. As a rule, in such posts, only one thing is given as a trend or anti-trend, neither a step to the left, nor a step to the right.

Secondly, such “choice without choice” does not develop your taste. Instead of understanding the essence of the formation of trends, every time you rely on the opinion of a stranger, like a stick. But what happens when the wand disappears?

Thirdly (and most importantly), following these rules, you can easily buy complete garbage that doesn’t suit you, and then think: “These trends of yours suck.” Or even worse: “There must be something wrong with me, since nothing suits me.”
It’s all right with you! It’s just that we are all different, so the recommendation cannot be one for everyone. Within the framework of one trend, there is also scope and this must be taken into account. And choose what suits you.

It turns out that such posts-recipes give the illusion that you understand the trends. But it shatters when, after another order at Lamoda, you find that you dressed up only your closet, and not yourself.


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