Hat and Scarf. Kit or All the Same?

One could answer in one word, but I want to explain why. And then refer to this post, because I have no more strength 🙂 This will be the shortest retelling of an hour lesson on the history of fashion in the 1970s in my club.

“Modern fashion”, if you look at the eyes of a fashion historian, appeared in the 1970s. Yes, yes, not yesterday. Not a year ago. And not even ten. A whole five-de-syat years ago.
⠀ Let me
explain. It was then that the main features of modern fashion were born:

“Fashion of the Decade” as a single direction broke up into trends and styles INSIDE the decade. Simultaneously. Just like now – tight or oversized, choose, man, yourself. There is no single command post from where they broadcast how to dress.

(Yes, the 1970s is not only hippie style, but also the heyday of disco styles (the famous Studio 54 nightclub) and punk (Vivienne Westwood takes the London backyard to the Paris catwalk). And glam rock and biker style – it all began in 1970 -x.)

Separate styles are transformed into a “diffuse style”. In the 1970s, the Japanese Kenzo Takada opened his small shop in Paris, and over time became one of the most famous Parisian designers. That’s who at the shows fashion critics for the first time shouted “a cage and a flower in one look! as possible! how terrible! how fresh!” Fifty years ago. Do you understand?

And finally, we got to hats with scarves. It was in the 1970s that the concept of “ensemble” in clothing collapsed. People no longer wanted to buy, designers to invent, and it became unprofitable for factories to sew clothes like “skirt, vest, jacket from one fabric”. Fifty years ago, people decided that it was no longer necessary to DUPLICATE garments on oneself. A hat and a scarf of one set, crocodile shoes for a crocodile handbag, a manicure in the color of a pedicure, and so on.

At the same time, the concept of harmony has not gone away. But if earlier it was achieved by simply duplicating things in the image in pairs, now it is achieved by a more complex method: all things in the image must be connected to each other. But not by copying the same color and texture. And the right combination of colors, volumes, textures, prints and styles of ALL things in the image.

By the way, the concept of “capsule wardrobe” was proposed precisely in the 1970s by the owner of the clothing store Sussi Faux – and guess why. Of course! Because if the kit is gone, then new rules must take its place. Neither then, nor now, the majority did not want to understand artistic harmony. Most required a clear direction. How the hell do you wear a hat and scarf.

I answer. Kit – no need. Just one question turned out to be such an interesting answer.


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