Knee Length – Once Again Very Clear

I have said many times that the most unfortunate length for a SKIRT is “near the knee”. Put on such a skirt, put on the top (blouse, T-shirt, sweater, hoodie, etc.). They put on ankle boots or boots … and if all these are of different colors (combined as many as you like), then they are guaranteed to get a squat figure cut into pieces.

It will be possible to avoid this effect in the case of a skirt if: The skirt has a

high waist
you put on heels
By nature you have long legs (and separately shins)

waist. Saves only the length to the middle of the calf and below.

And yet – a longer skirt can be safely combined with both heels and sneakers (and other shoes without a heel). This is a more versatile option.

Now DRESS. As soon as I put on a knee-length dress, questions immediately arise, but why it is possible, but not a skirt. Yes, because it is possible that this is a single panel of the fabric of the dress. One vertical, not chopped into a skirt + top. Well, it depends on the length of the legs and wishes. You can add heels, or you can leave it like that.

Try it. This is one of the simplest life hacks on how to make your wardrobe noticeably more harmonious (without attracting the attention of orderlies :). Just start choosing longer skirts.


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